Dublin Coffman Regional Tournament Results  

February 29, 2020

Division One Individual Awards-Top 15 Writers

1st Place- Alyssa Guan-Dublin Coffman
2nd Place-Ella Thomas-Our Lady of the Elms
3rd Place-Samantha Mailer-Hawken School
4th Place-Elizabeth Zhou-Dublin Coffman
5th Place-CeCe Conlianese-St. Francis DeSales
6th Place-Clarissa Snyder-Our Lady of the Elms
7th Place-Ella Salyers-Monroe High School
8th Place-Tina Wang-Dublin Coffman
9th Place-Erica Rozlog-Dublin Coffman
10th Place-Abby Groff-St. Francis DeSales
11th Place-Kiera Knox-Fort Frye High School
12th Place-Elsa Zhou-Indian Hill
13th Place-Brooklyn Lengyel-Buckeye Local, Rayland
14th Place-Katie Pocius-Kettering Fairmont
15th Place-Mitchell Mathis-Fairlawn

Division Two Individual Awards-Top 15 Writers

1st Place- Neha Prasanna-Dublin Coffman
2nd Place- Ricky Martin-Indian Hill
3nd Place- Charlotte Neiberding-Kettering Fairmont
4th Place- Unni Shreram-Dublin Coffman
5th Place-Sophia Toth-Kettering Fairmont
6th Place-Thomas Harner-Kettering Fairmont
7th Place-Lily Wissler-Miami Valley School
8th Place-Emily Mancuso-Bellbrook High School
9th Place-Ella Buzzard-Wooster High School
10th Place-Himani Pattisam-Dublin Coffman
11th Place-Grace Bruton-St. Francis DeSales
12th Place-Farah Hawk-Buckeye Local, Rayland
13th Place-Josh Stekli-Fairlawn
14th Place-Channin McNaughton-Hawken School
15th Place-Abigail Space-Hamilton Township High School

Laureate Choice Award-Honoring the Power of Poetry

Division One Winners

Alexa Renner-Our Lady of the Elms
Kiera Knox-Fort Frye High School
Rori Draminski-St. Francis DeSales

Division TWO Winners

Caitlin Spyra-Dublin Coffman
Trisha Vedula-Dublin Coffman
Alyssa Lingenfelter-Buckeye Local, Rayland

Division ONE Overall Team Winners

(based on total number of D1 team points)
1st Place-Dublin Coffman
2nd Place-Our Lady of the Elms
3rd Place-Kettering Fairmont

Division Two Overall Team Winners

(based on total number of D2 team points)
1st Place-Kettering Fairmont
2nd Place-Dublin Coffman
3rd Place-Cincinnati Christian Schools

Overall Tournament Champion

(based on total number of Combined D1 and D2 team points)

Dublin Coffman High School