Cloverleaf Regional Tournament Results  

January 18, 2020 

Division One Individual Awards-Top 15 Writers

1st Place-Max Outcalt-University School
2nd Place-Eli Ray-Berkshire High School
3rd Place-Sarah Voss-Gilmour Academy
4th Place-Katy Magyar-Norwayne High School
5th Place-Savannah White-Harrison Central Jr/Sr. High School
6th Place-Nicole Jordan-Holy Name High School
7th Place-Lauren Meadows-Field High School
8th Place-Hailey Dalke-Field High School
9th Place-Sam Holthaus-University School
10th Place-Carmen Schlatter-Norwayne High School
11th Place-Jessica Klonowski-Holy Name High School
12th Place-Cierra Reed-Cloverleaf High School
13th Place-Kristen Oliveto-Gilmour Academy
14th Place-Denham Moore-Norwayne High School
15th Place-Christina Gordan-Holy Name High School

Division Two Individual Awards-Top 15 Writers

1st Place- Matthew Stracensky-Holy Name High School
2nd Place- Jamie Musni-Independence High School
3rd Place- Austin Hojdar-Holy Name High School
4th Place- Angel Borbajo-Marlington High School
5th Place- Elizabeth Bizon-Independence High School
6th Place-Kiarra Pamer-Field High School
7th Place- Amanda Wu-Olmsted Falls High School
8th Place- Carly Edmonds-Olmsted Falls High School
9th Place- Keeley Patton-Olmsted Falls High School
10th Place- Emily Winnicki-Cloverleaf High School
11th Place- Isaiah Waiters-University School
12th Place- Savanah Angel-Marlington High School
13th Place-Griffin Anderson-Berkshire High School
14th Place- Gennah Brown-Berkshire High School
15th Place- Blaise Frascella- Field High School

Laureate Choice Award-Honoring the Power of Poetry

Division One Winners

Paige Hojdar
Sarah Voss
Max Outcalt

Division TWO Winners

Rachel de Haan
Gwyneth Wilde
Ashley Armstrong

Division ONE Overall Team Winners

(based on total number of D1 team points)
1st Place- Holy Name High School
2nd Place- Gilmour Academy
3rd Place- University School

Division Two Overall Team Winners

(based on total number of D2 team points)
1st Place-University School
2nd Place- Field High School
3rd Place- Cloverleaf High School

Overall Tournament Champion

(based on total number of Combined D1 and D2 team points)

University School