Cloverleaf Regional Tournament Results  

December 10, 2022

Division One Individual Awards-Top 15 Writers

1st Place – Claire Sheeler – Laurel School
2nd Place – Caroline Auerbach-Brown – Laurel School
3rd Place – Brianna Lengyel – Norwayne High School
4th Place – Isabella Bixler – Hawken School
5th Place – Indrani Das Sarma – Hawken School
6th Place – Austin Fritzgerald – Hawken School
7th Place – Kelly Kirchner – Laurel School
8th Place – Mae Sheehan – Independence High School
9th Place – Hannah McCauley – Fairport Harding High School
10th Place – Helena Mellott – Olmsted Falls High School
11th Place – Corinne McCall – Norwayne High School
12th Place – Zachary Palumbo – Jackson High School
13th Place – Sophia Young – Medina High School
14th Place – Taylor Hogan – Field High School
15th Place – Luke Mowery – Archbishop Hoban High School

Division Two Individual Awards-Top 15 Writers

1st Place – Shaliz Bazldjoo – Laurel School
2nd Place – Karma Abboud – Laurel School
3rd Place – Lauren Ciha – Wooster High School
4th Place – Kevin Webster – Holy Name High School
5th Place – Brooke Culp – Holy Name High School
6th Place – Israel Gole – Olmsted Falls High School
7th Place – Alea Simbro – Alliance High School
8th Place – Livy Douglas – Medina High School
9th Place – Lucas Kennedy – Medina High School
10th Place – Catherine Connelly – Walsh Jesuit High School
11th Place – Sidney Frazier – Medina High School
12th Place – Maggie Panichi – Independence High School
13th Place – Celia Conner – Jackson High School
14th Place – Jay Powers – Olmsted Falls High School
15th Place – Sydney Borges – Walsh Jesuit High School

Laureate Choice Award-Honoring the Power of Poetry

Division One Winners

Mason Cooper – “Bethesda” – Medina High School
Eva Ko – “Lioness” – Laurel School
Kaeleigh Krepp – “Expire” – Field High School

Division TWO Winners

Shaliz Bazldjoo – “polyglot test” – Laurel School
Karma Abboud – “Unlearning” – Laurel School
Avery Rogus – “Everything I wish I Had The Courage To Tell You” – Walsh Jesuit High School

Division ONE Overall Team Winners

(based on the total number of D1 team points)
1st Place- Laurel School
2nd Place- Medina High School
3rd Place- Norwayne High School

Division Two Overall Team Winners

(based on the total number of D2 team points)
1st Place- Independence High School
2nd Place- Holy Name High School
3rd Place- Laurel School

Overall Tournament Champion

(based on total number of Combined D1 and D2 team points)

Laurel High School